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Parasite Prevention

Our Victoria veterinarians can protect your pet from parasites and the diseases they may carry using preventive treatments tailored to your companion's lifestyle.

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Parasite Treatments for Pets

Parasites, such as ticks, fleas or roundworms can be quite common in the Victoria area. They not only affect your pet's overall health but may cause serious illness too. 

While some parasite-borne illnesses may be prevented with vaccines, the best way to ensure that your pet doesn't suffer from having parasites is to use parasite-prevention treatments.

This way, we can prevent illness, eliminate parasites before they infect your pet, and catch any unwanted creature on or in your pet's body before it hurts their health.

Parasite Prevention Services, Victoria

Parasite Prevention

Parasites are a serious health risk to both humans and animals in our area. Parasites, if left untreated, can endanger the life of your cat or dog and, in some cases, be transmitted to other people or pets in your home. Our parasite prevention products can help keep your dog or cat safe from the following parasites:


Fleas are external parasites that feed on the blood of birds and mammals. Left untreated, fleas can quickly spread throughout your household.


These external parasites consume the blood of mammals and are responsible for the spread of several serious conditions in people and pets. 

Ear Mites

Tiny, very contagious ear mites reside in a pet's ear canal. These parasites reproduce continuously in the ear throughout their lifespan. 


Tapeworms are spread through the ingestion of infected fleas during grooming. These hook-like parasitic worms live and grow in your pet's intestines. 


This parasitic worm lives in the intestine and feeds on partially digested food. This parasite can rob your pet of vital nutrients necessary to stay healthy.

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